A Time-Capsule Messaging AppCreate Texts, Photos, Videos, Audio Messages and more! Your kids can access forever.

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Type a Message, Record a Video or Leave an Audio Clip.

Record your Amazing Baby's moments from the very beginning.
What memories do you wish were captured from your childhood?

App Features

3...2...1...Go! Type a message to your baby

Open the app, type a message and hit send. Mission accomplished! The message will be there for your Amazing Baby to access when they are ready.

App Features

Record audio messages for your Amazing Baby

Record audio messages for your baby to listen to in the future. How cool would it be for your Amazing Baby to hear a message you left them from the moment they captured your heart?!

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App Features

Freeze special moments

Freeze special moments in time by taking pictures directly from the app and saving them for your Amazing Baby to see in the future.

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App Features

Record something cute, silly, or fun

Record videos for your Amazing Baby to watch when they are older. Capture special moments in time with video messages to your baby. Don’t wait for a milestone--record everyday moments.

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Amazing Features

Newly developed features for all of your treasured moments.

Time Capsule

Leave a message today for your baby’s 60th birthday

Friends & Family

By Invite Only - you decide who can view & send messages

Build a Legacy

Capture everyday moments your baby can treasure forever


Amazingly Free & Next Level Amazing (more + futuristic features)

Easy to Use

Simple & Intuitive Design



Our platform is designed to help you capture those everyday moments in your child's life using text, photo, audio or video messages.

One of our favorite features is the ability to leave messages today that will be delivered in the future. Whatever way you choose to share your memories, your inner circle of family and friends will feel like they are up-to-date with everything that is going on with your Amazing Baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record a video or audio?

From your My Kids message screen. Click on the paperclick (attachment) icon on the bottom right of your screen. To take a picture or video click on Use Camera.

What is future message and how do I use it?

Future message is only available for paid subscriptions. It provides you with the ability to create a message now and have it sent on any date and time up to 75 years from today. This allows you to create a birthday, holiday, or fun message for your amazing baby now knowing they will not receive it till the date and time you specify. To use this feature click on the text "Send A Future Message" icon on the top of your "My Kids" message screen. Enter the date and time you want the message sent. Click save. Then proceed to create your message (Audio, Video, Photo or Text). Click the send icon to submit for future delivery.

How can I add a child?

Once you log in on the bottom right click on "Add Kid".

How can I add a friend or family member to post?

Proceed to your My Kids message screen. Click on the 3 dots located on the top right hand of your screen. Click on "Add Invitee". Fill in all the required information. Click on Invite. This will send an invitation to anyone you choose. Once the invitee accepts the invitation they will be able to add and read messages left on the specific kids profile you invited them to.

How to change my profile photo, Password and Subscription Plan?

From your My Kids screen click on the menu icon on the top right (3 vertical lines). This will take you to a screen where you can change your profile picture, subscription plan and password.

What is included in the free and paid plan?

Both plans provide unlimited text messages for you to leave your amazing baby. The free plan allows you to upload fewer pictures, videos and audio messages per month. The paid plan also has an enhanced feature called “Future Messages” which is not available in the free plan.

How do I update my kids profile and password?

From your My Kids screen click on the kid whose data you would like to edit. On the kids message screen click on the top right menu icon with 3 dots. Then click on Edit baby profile or password.

How many kids can I add to my account?

You can add a maximum of 10 kids to your account.

How do I delete my account or an invitee?

We intentionally have made it hard to delete information because once it is gone it is gone forever. We do not store or backup deleted data. To delete an invitee or your account from our system forever please email info@amazing.baby

Data privacy and use?

Your data is secure. We do not share, access or sell your data to anyone. This is your safe space to leave messages for your kids for them to access for years to come. To learn more please read our Terms & Conditions and End User Licence Agreement

How do I upgrade my account?

Login to your Amazing Baby app. Once logged in click on the menu icon on the top right (3 vertical lines). Then click on "Choose Your Plan".

How long are my messages saved?

Messages are saved based on your membership. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

How safe are my files?

We take pride in your privacy. All files are encrypted and your data is secure. No data uploaded is shared, reviewed, or accessible by anyone at Amazing Baby LLC.